How to Write the Best Maid of Honor Speech for Your Sister

(Updated 2/14/2020)

There is nothing more special than making a speech at your sister’s wedding as her maid of honor. Giving a speech at your sister’s wedding is already a difficult task, but doing so as a maid of honor puts even more pressure on you.

You need to make sure everything is perfect, this is a special moment for your sister and her new spouse. When working on your speech, remember that this is a moment that both the bride and groom will remember and cherish for a long time.

Therefore, you’ll need to deliver a speech that has all the right qualities- witty, emotional, heartfelt, personal, etc.

So don’t take it for granted, and ensure that you create something memorable with your maid of honor speech. Something that will leave the whole room feeling butterflies on the inside as well as feeling pleasant and upbeat.

No need to be nervous…you just need a few pointers.

Maid of Honor Speech Tips

Tip #1: Start working on your speech as soon as possible

This will give you enough time to collect your thoughts and write something heartfelt and genuine.

Give yourself at least 3 weeks prior to the wedding to start writing your sister’s maid of honor speech. It’s tempting to procrastinate this thing as long as possible- believe us, we know. Especially considering that the speech will only be 3-5 minutes long at most.

But we’re going to save you from yourself. Or, at the very least, save you from the evil sadistic clutches of that bitch procrastination.

No matter how good of a public speaker you think you are, do not try to wing it. Especially not an occasion as important as this. You don’t know how easy it is to let slip something embarrassing if you start rambling.

Since you probably have your smartphone on you all the time, put it to good use! You never know when and where inspiration is going to strike. But if it comes to you, whip it out and type down your ideas in your Memo section.

By the time you actually need to sit down and write the speech, you’ll be able to pull out your phone and capitalize on those great ideas you’ve been putting down!

Tip #2: Make your maid of honor speech as personal as possible

If the tissues start coming out of pockets like an assassin’s blade during the speech, don’t worry. Let your sister know how much you love her, and how you’ll always be there for her no matter what.

Above all, make sure you extend her your heartfelt thanks for choosing you to be her maid of honor.

Tip #3: Include a healthy balance of witty and emotional moments

You don’t want a snooze fest, so you’ll need to be funny and engaging. You are also not a comedian (or maybe you are) but even so, make sure you limit the jokes to a reasonable amount. Work in as many emotional and personal moments to make it extra-special.

Tip #4: Be sure to include meaningful and defining moments you two shared in your relationship

You’re the bride’s sister, you’ve known her your entire life… so tell everyone about it!

Your maid of honor speech should be entirely focused on your sister’s very best qualities. So in your speech, explain your relationship with her growing up. Explain why your bond continues to be unbreakable to this day.

Tip #5: Practice your speech

The best speakers use video footage to perfect their technique. They tape themselves, then study the pattern of their speech. So why not put those selfie skills to good use, and make the best maid of honor speech for your sister?

Some people swear by the mirror technique (practicing in front of a mirror) but to be honest, watching yourself in real-time is distracting at the end of the day.

If you can, you should prop your smartphone at a distance that’s approximate to where the audience would be. Doing this will give you the most realistic scenario in which to rehearse.

Once you’ve gone through your speech a few times, take some time to review the footage. Make sure your body language, facial expressions, and spoken words sync up well.

Is your tone monotonous, or is it brimming with emotion? Are you smiling, or are you in resting bitch-face mode? These are all little things you’ll want to look out for and make changes to if necessary.

Tip #6: Compliment the groom

You should also work in some material about your sister’s new husband. How did you feel the first night you and your sister sat down, and she told you about him? What was your first impression when that took place?

On the other hand, maybe you knew him first and played a direct part in getting them together. If this is the case, explain to the audience exactly what it was that made you realize that they were right for each other.

Specifically, why he, and he alone, is the man who will make your sister happy for the rest of her life.

Tip #7: Remember to thank the guests for coming to the wedding at the beginning of your speech, and again at the end

Maid of Honor Bride’s Sister Speech Examples

We did some digging, and found a couple of worthwhile wedding toasts in the blog-o-sphere! Check them out below!

Maid of Honor’s Speech for Sister #1

“When I first found out that I was going to be Jessica’s maid of honor I was thrilled! I searched online for all the maid of honor duties, which were:

* Plan the bachelorette party 

* Do a little dress shopping 

* Give a speech

In other words: Party, shop, and talk. I was born for this!

For those who don’t know me, I’m Amanda, Jessica’s older and favorite sister. Allie, (the oldest sister) I’m only being serious.  

I feel lucky to have such a close relationship with my sister. We have a sisterhood that extends beyond growing up in the same home, having the same parents, and drinking the same wine. If you’re wondering, our favorite wine is “a lot”.

When I was little and found out I was getting a little sister, I thought to myself, ‘I’ve just found myself a new friend, and the perfect person to blame things on’.

Since we were the youngest, we shared a room; when we would get into bed with the lights on we were too scared to shut them off, so we would to throw shoes at our light switch. Sometimes it would work, and sometimes it would wake up our dad.

Dad used to work very early and would be beyond angry hearing us throwing shoes at the wall. He would yell, ‘That’s it! I’m coming in swinging!’.  One night, Jessica yelled back, ‘Oh yeah, Dad? What are you swinging on?’

It gets better because a few moments later Dad “swung” the door open… right as Jessica threw a shoe at the switch. The rest of the story is a blur, but the point is this. Michael, I recommend you be the one to turn off the lights each night.

Before I wrap things up, I want to say I’m thrilled to gain Michael as a brother and I’m honored to be by my sister’s side to celebrate their happiness tonight.

Jessica, we’ve shared enough laughs and bottles of wine for you to know how much I love you. I’m very proud of you.

Everyone please raise your glasses and join me in a toast – to Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Jessica Smith!”


Maid of Honor’s Speech for Sister #2

“All right, good afternoon everyone. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Lindsay and I am a younger sister of the bride. For those of you who do know me; I’ll have the usual, just put the butter by my purse. I would like to start by congratulating the other Lenny, Lenny the number one for her Oscar nomination.

Thank you for making us beautiful today, taking the time out and thank you for telling Glenn Klaus ‘No’ and Emmy ‘Yes.’ We appreciate it. The day that Emmy asked me to be her maid of honor… actually, she never asked me to be her maid of honor. I just sort of assumed the role. So hopefully, I’m the person you want sitting next to you; if not, I’m sorry. No refunds.

Anyway, when I started thinking about a speech I was really nervous and I even contemplated asking her if she would mind if I didn’t speak. I have several anxieties. But I quickly scrapped that idea because, for those of you who know my sister, you know that she does not take no for an answer.

I can elaborate with a short story to help pin up a better picture for you. When Emmy first told me she was moving to Ireland the conversation was something like, ‘Hello, you’re what? Steve begged you?’  And he’s like, ‘Yeez!’

Yeah, great. No, I don’t think dad will kill him.”

Steve’s version of it went something like, “Your sister, she’s the most determined woman I’ve ever met.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“Well, she came for a three-day visit and she had three job interviews lined up and she had an apartment.”  So, there’re two sides to every story but she’s a very determined young lady.

Growing up with Emmy as a big sister, she really helped paved the way for me in high school. “Oh, are you Emmy Thorne’s sister?” “Yes.” Well, that pretty much meant that if I had any grade below an A, they questioned whether or not we were actually related.

And they would do the same for your brother too. So, that was tough. But not only was Emmy an academic star but she never really joined anything else in school except the dance team, as captain. She was also the head of math leads, president of the student council, a basketball player, a volleyball player, then went to Northwestern on top of it.

You know. Typical underachiever.

On a more serious note, Emmy is a type of sister that everyone probably wishes that they had, I’m not going to cry. As far back as I can remember, you’ve been the voice of reason, my biggest cheerleader and my role model.

Above all, you’ve been a great friend.  Even though she’s far away, she’s still the first person I call with good news or bad or someone just when I need advice, or someone to listen to me bitch.  She’s that person. I honestly don’t know what I would do without you.

Steven… oh Steven… I’m not going to embarrass Steve because Johnny is going to do that fully. I’d like to officially welcome you to our family. We all love you very much.

I’ve always hoped that Emmy would find someone that could keep up with her, someone who challenges her, makes her laugh, enjoys the same thing she does. Above all, I would hope she found someone who can put her in her place and you are that someone.

One of Emmy’s best friends back home refers to you as ‘Gentleman Steve’ and that name couldn’t be any more fitting, and dad I thought sober for my speech. You’re a true gentleman and Emmy couldn’t have picked a sexier accent to listen to if you ask me. To finish up, Steve, I would like to share a few tips with you- tips that are supposed to guarantee a long and happy marriage.

Number one, when you’re wrong, admit it, when you’re right, shut up. The best way to remember your anniversary is to forget it once. Happy wife equals happy life.

And finally Steven, never be afraid Emmy will leave you- she has spent years training you and she will NOT be throwing all that hard work away.

With that said, I’d like everyone to please raise a glass, I’d like to make a toast to Emmy and Steve. I wish you a lifetime of happiness. May the road be long and the party never end.”


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