Invicta Watches Review – Are They Any Good?

In today’s article I wanted to put together an Invicta watches review for you. Invicta are a massive watch brand that focuses on affordable and stylish timepieces.

I’ll be taking a look at the question “are Invicta watches good?”, teaching you a bit about the history of Invicta watches and where Invicta watches are built. Then I’ll finish things off with an overview of some of the best Invicta watches currently available.

Are Invicta Watches Good?

So are Invicta watches actually good? That’s what you’ll find a lot of people wondering to themselves. Of course, many of their timepieces are available for under 100$.

They’re a very affordable watch brand so it’s understandable to be a little wary of them. Let’s take a deeper dive into the Invicta brand and what’s available.

They do have an extensive range of watches available. Some of their greatest collections include the extremely popular Pro Diver collection, the Speedway collection and the Aviator collection. Many watches in these ranges are somewhat low cost. How and why is that?

Invicta is something of a Marmite brand, some people love them, others hate them. It’s unlikely you’ll find many watch snobs who are big fans of the brand. That’s because they’re mass produced and opt for more affordable parts, like the VD53 quartz movement. The VD53 is an accurate and reliable Japanese made movement, it’s mass produced and affordable.

On the other hand, there’s lots of people which will tell you how brilliant their Invicta watch is and how happy they are with it. They’re well built, stylish timepieces with a focus on affordability, this obviously appeals to the mass market well.

History Of Invicta Watches

The Invicta brand has its roots in Switzerland where they began in 1837. Watchmaker Raphael Picard built the company up with his family producing high end, quality Swiss mechanical watches. They even had recognition from some of the biggest brands in the business like Omega and Rolex.

Along came the 1970s and the quartz crisis that rocked the industry. Quartz timekeeping changed everything, you could now get a highly accurate and reliable watch much cheaper than ever before. Brands had to adapt to survive, something Invicta eventually excelled at after quite a few troubling years.

These days the company has its headquarters in Florida, United States. They produce watches all over the world, some of which are still built in Switzerland.

Where Are Invicta Watches Made

Invicta mentions its Swiss heritage alot, and many think of them being a Swiss watch brand but in reality that’s not entirely true anymore. While it’s fair to say a substantial amount of their watchmaking is done in Switzerland, many of their more affordable watches originate in Asia now. This is just how the industry goes, rarely do affordable and Swiss made comes together these days.

Best Invicta Watches

To finish things off we’re going to be taking a look at some of the best Invicta watches currently available. These are many of the top selling Invicta timepieces from their popular ranges like the Invicta Pro Diver series and the Invicta Speedway collection.

Invicta Men’s 6981 Pro Diver Analog Chronograph Black Polyurethane Watch

The Invicta 6981 is a member of the Pro Diver series. It’s a bold oversized watch with a large 48mm casing diameter, perfect for those who are after a watch that’s going to stand out on their wrist.

As a member of the Invicta Pro Diver collection this watch comes with a 100m water resistance rating that should be plenty for most people’s needs.

Powering the Invicta 6981 is a Japanese made VD53 quartz chronograph movement. There is some misinformation around the internet mentioning a Swiss movement, but that’s incorrect.

A flamefusion crystal glass offers a good level of protection against scratches and shattering, it’s on a similar level to a mineral crystal glass lens.

Invicta Men’s 8926OB Pro Diver Stainless Steel Automatic Watch with Link Bracelet

One of Invicta’s most popular watches is the Invicta 8926OB. This is an affordable automatic watch from the Pro Diver series.

Features of the Invicta 8926OB dial include a corrugated unidirectional bezel, luminous hands and markers, plus a magnified date window at the 3 o’clock position.

This Pro Diver timepiece has gone a step further than the previous model we looked at. It actually comes with a 200m water resistance rating, this is excellent to find in this price range.

Another great feature of this Invicta watch is the Japanese automatic movement that can be viewed through the exhibition caseback on the rear of the watch.

Invicta Men’s 3044 Stainless Steel Grand Diver Automatic Watch

Here we have the Invicta 3044 from the Grand Diver collection. It’s a larger timepiece with a 47mm casing diameter that houses a Japanese automatic movement that can be viewed through the exhibition style caseback.

The Invicta Grand Diver has an impressive 300m water resistance rating and as with any high quality diving watch it comes with very good lume on the dial for better visibility in dim lit conditions.

Invicta Men’s 9212 Speedway Analog Japanese Quartz Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch

This is the Invicta Speedway 9212, a beautifully designed watch with a 200m water resistance rating. It’s an elegant watch that’s powered by a Japanese built quartz movement for accurate and reliable timekeeping.

Other features include chronograph functions, a screw-down crown and a small date window.

Invicta Men’s 6977 Pro Diver Collection Stainless Steel Watch

Another oversized chronograph timepiece from Invicta. The Pro Diver 6966 features a large 48mm polyurethane and stainless steel casing with a thickness of 17mm.

It’s a chunky watch that’s powered by a reliable and accurate Japanese VD53 quartz movement. The water resistance rating on this model stands at 100m.

Invicta Men’s 0074 pro Diver Analog Japanese Quartz Watch

This rather expensive looking Invicta watch can actually be picked up for under 100$. It’s a stylish gold tone timepiece with a large 48mm casing diameter.

At the heart of this watch is a chronograph Japanese VD53 quartz movement. With a Flamefusion crystal glass lens protects the dial.

As a member of the Invicta Pro Diver series this model features a 200m water resistance rating.

Invicta Men’s 8928OB Pro Diver Gold Stainless Steel Two-Tone Automatic Watch

I love two tone watches like this Invicta 8928OB Pro Diver. The blue and gold finish looks very luxurious on the 40mm casing with a stand out dial and magnified date display.

There’s a Japanese made automatic movement powering this watch, so not batteries required here. You can even view this movement working away through the exhibition style caseback, a fantastic feature to show off with the watch.

Again, as a member of the Pro Diver Invicta collection the 8928OB comes with an impressive 200m water resistance rating.

Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Quartz Watch with Stainless Steel Strap, Two Tone, 22

The Invicta 30021 is another beautiful two toned timepiece with some intriciate work on the dial which really makes this watch stand out.

It’s similar to the previous watch however this model comes with a 100m water resistance rating. It is somewhat cheaper though, so it does provide a more affordable option for those who don’t require a higher water resistance level.

Invicta Men’s 0075 Pro Diver Chronograph Gold Tone Watch

If you’re really looking for a watch to wow people then you can’t go far wrong with the Invicta 0075. This is a big watch with a 48mm diamater, it’s going to stand out on most people’s wrist.

You’ll find a quality Japanese VD53 quartz movement at the heart of this watch and Invicta’s Flamefusion crystal glass lens protecting the dial. The water resistance rating on this Pro Diver is 200m.

Invicta Men’s 8932OB Pro Diver Analog Quartz Silver

Last up on our list of the best Invicta watches is the ever popular Invicta 8932OB from the Pro Diver collection.

This is an extremely affordable Invicta watch built with a 37.5mm stainless casing and a thickness of 11mm.

Powering the watch is a Japanese made quartz movement for accurate and reliable timekeeping. The water resistance rating of this model is 200m. Considering the price, you’re getting very good value for money.

Wrapping Things Up

How did you find today’s Invicta watches review? What do you think of Invicta watches? Do you already own one? If so, we’d love to know your own experiences of owning an Invicta timepiece.

Personally, I’m quite a fan of them. I’m all for offering more affordable, well built stylish timepieces to people. And I think Invicta offer very good value for money to be honest.

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