Are Oval Makeup Brushes Better?

One of the latest beauty trends sweeping the cosmetics world is that of oval makeup brushes. Early adopters swear by these innovative new brushes for their ease of use and the way they mimic the natural movements of fingertip application.

But are today’s oval brushes really any better than their traditional counterparts? Are oval makeup brushes better?

With the proper cleaning, care, and research before purchasing – your oval makeup brush will be your new best friend for many months to come! Read on for more info on some of the best brushes on the market today, how to use them, and how to care for them.

Are Oval Makeup Brushes Better?

Oval makeup brushes have become extremely popular in 2020. But do they live up to the hype? Are oval makeup brushes better? What are the pros and cons? Read on for an honest and in-depth look at both the positive and negative qualities of oval makeup brushes. 


  • Oval makeup brushes are a fast and efficient way to apply makeup to yourself. Even for advanced makeup artists, applying products to your own face can sometimes be tricky. But oval makeup brushes can help. Their unique handle design makes them ergonomically ideal for applying your own makeup, and the movements made with an oval brush mimic your own natural finger movements.
  • These brushes are great for those who are on the go or in a hurry. Basic makeup application of foundation and concealer can be completed in just a few seconds.
  • Because of their density, oval brushes absorb less product than a blender brush or a sponge. This saves you money AND makes them easier to clean.
  • Oval brushes are great for applying thick/full coverage products.
  • Oval brushes offer makeup users an advantage over a sponge in situations that require a denser brush or applicator. Using an oval brush instead of a sponge or beauty blender creates less mess and gives you more control with the handle.
  • Application with an oval brush blends like a dream, offering very effective smooth coverage for a flawless finish.
  • The smooth bristles are very soft on delicate facial skin and will not damage it.
  • Because these brushes are so easy to use, they are great for beginners.
  • It is hard to “overdo it” with an oval makeup brush since they blend in the excess product so well. If you accidentally put too much product, it can easily be smoothed out and evenly applied with an oval makeup brush.
  • Each brush size is multi-purpose and can be used in many different ways and with many different products. For example, a medium-sized oval brush can be used for concealer, highlighter, blush, or eye shadow.


  • Oval makeup brushes do not perform as well with some powders. They are best used with cream and liquid cosmetic products.
  • These brushes are also not the best option for detailed makeup applications like contouring or small areas such as under the eyes.
  • Since they are so much larger than many of their traditional counterparts, oval makeup brushes can be considered by some to be too big and clunky for travel.
  • It may be a bit harder to find oval makeup brushes in some stores since they are just now beginning to increase in popularity. The best options can be a bit pricey.
  • If you prefer natural hair makeup brushes, you may have trouble finding an oval makeup brush that does not use synthetic bristles. The density needed for oval brushes is not typically found in most animal hair.

7 Best Oval Makeup Brushes of 2020

1) Artis Elite Mirror 5 Piece Brush Set

Artis Elite Black Brush Set, 5 Count

This top of the line set is considered the best of the best when it comes to oval makeup brushes. Their sleek design, signature bristles, and carefully formulated shapes offer the best coverage and durability.

Artis Elite brushes are also available in a 3-piece set, 10-piece set, or individual sizes. These bestselling brushes can be used with liquid, cream, or powder products.

The 5-piece set comes with the Oval 6 Brush, Oval 4 Brush, Oval 3 Brush, Linear 1 Brush, and the Circle 1 Brush for flawless coverage of the whole face.

Artis brushes are specially designed to “mimic the way your fingers move across your face” – offering a quick, easy, and intuitive makeup application experience.

2) TARTE Creaseless Concealer Brush

The popular cosmetics brand Tarte is proud to offer a Creaseless Concealer Brush that applies product smoothly and flawlessly for an airbrushed look.

Having quickly become a cult favorite in the makeup industry, this brush has garnered widespread praise for its soft bristles, smooth application, and perfect finish as a great alternative to blender brushes.

If you’re looking for just one product to gain entry into the oval makeup brush market and get your feet wet with this new trend – this might be the one for you.

Its adorable pink and purple design doesn’t hurt either!

3) Yoseng Makeup Brushes Set 10 Pcs

Yoseng Makeup Brush Set of 10Pcs New Fashionable Super Soft Professional Oval Toothbrush Foundation Contour Powder Blush Conceler Eyeliner Blending Brush Cosmetic Brushes Tool Set with Box

As a wildly popular budget buy, this cheap but effective oval brush set does the trick. If you want to try out the whole oval brush trend but not quite ready to commit – this 10-piece set is a great way to try out every available brush size and see if they work for you.

With over 3,000 positive reviews on Amazon, this set by Yoseng is highly recommended for a reliable and easy smooth finish.

While the handle and bristle quality obviously can’t quite match that of the pricy Artis sets, these brushes are still a solid option for budding makeup artists.

4) Beauty Kate Pro 10 Pcs Oval Makeup Brush Set

Beauty Kate Pro 10 Pcs Oval Makeup Brush Set

This set is another great budget buy available on Amazon. Their special handle design can bend up to 90 degrees without breaking! Many beauty enthusiasts swear by this basic, affordable set for their makeup application needs.

With ten different sizes of brushes to try, this multi-functional set will give you a complete face of makeup! Reviewers love these brushes more than their beauty blenders for a better blend with less product.

5) Lagure Oval Makeup Brush 

Lagure Oval Makeup Brush

Shorten your makeup routine with this basic but popular oval brush by Lagure. Their signature baby-soft bristles won’t damage sensitive skin.

This brush’s curved handle, non-slip grip, and feathery light brush hairs make foundation application quick and easy. Each brush comes with a quick start guide AND a travel box.

So if you’re looking for a great affordable option to get started in the world of oval makeup brushes, give this simple brush a try for a silky smooth finish!

6) Ulta Oval Foundation Brush 

Ulta has dipped their toe into the oval beauty brush pool with this simple foundation brush built to last. The Ulta oval foundation brush boasts an ergonomic handle, premium synthetic bristles, and a smooth finish.

Reviewers love the soft bristles and the amount of control allowed by the design of the handle. In a pinch, this brush can even be used to apply concealer as well.

7) Real Techniques Blend + Blur Brushes

Real Techniques Makeup Blender Brush, For Professional Cream or Powdered Contour Finish

Compared to other “budget” brands, the handles of these brushes are much stronger and should not snap or break. Reviewers everywhere are throwing out their beauty blenders in favor of the Real Techniques Blend + Blur brushes.

Available options include a foundation brush, a concealer brush, a contour brush, and a cheek brush. Each of these product offerings helps aspiring makeup artists create a smooth, streak-free finish.

While they may not be the prettiest brush out there, they are durable and easy to clean at a price that won’t break the bank!

How to Use an Oval Makeup Brush (Tutorial)

If you’re used to more traditional brushes and application methods, there may be a bit of a learning curve when learning to use oval makeup brushes. However, they are very easy to use, and this makes them a great choice for beginners just getting started in the exciting world of makeup.

Start with your largest oval brush and begin with blending your foundation on your hand or makeup palette. Then sweep the brush across your face in smooth, quick motions just as you would expect when applying your makeup with your fingers.

This step should only take a few seconds. Blend in the product and smooth over any streaks or lines.

Next, you’ll want to use a smaller oval brush to apply and blend your concealer. You can then use additional brushes to apply other optional products such as finishing powder, eye shadow, bronzer, or blush. You’ll be amazed. It really is that easy!

Now let’s see it in action!

With these tips and tricks, you’ll be a makeup pro in no time! Even those who have never used any kind of cosmetics or makeup brushes before can master the easy oval brush technique.

Best Way To Clean Oval Makeup Brushes

Using makeup brushes is generally more sanitary than applying makeup with your fingers – as long as you keep your brushes clean. Cleaning your new oval makeup brushes will be pretty similar to how you would clean any other type of makeup brush – with a few caveats. 

  • A gentle soap or baby shampoo is generally all that is needed, but there are special brush cleaning products like this one available for those who prefer them.
  • A cleansing mat or other types of scrubbing products like this inexpensive favorite is especially crucial with an oval brush since they are so dense. You’ll want to make sure you use one of these supplemental cleansing products in order to quickly get out all of the grease, soap, oil, and old product. 
  • You may need to reshape your oval brushes after each cleaning to ensure proper usage and durability over a long period of time.
  • It is especially important with oval brushes to ensure they dry with the bristles pointing down. This way, the glue at the base of the bristles or around the shaft of the brush won’t degrade from excessive moisture. Since oval brushes are thicker and denser than other types of brushes, it is especially important to make sure they don’t hold onto extra water. A special drying rack can be used. Unlike a drying rack for traditional brushes, oval brush drying racks are designed to hold the brushes sideways instead of hanging them upside down.
  • Please note: Oval brushes also take longer to try than other brush types due to their increased density. If you are someone who likes to wash your brushes daily, you may want to purchase a backup set or plan to wash less often.

Wrapping it Up

So are oval makeup brushes better? Do they live up to the hype?

YES! While their unique size and shape may take some getting used to, the seven popular brush options outlined in this article are loved by many for their ideal characteristics and ease of use.

The extra-soft density offered by oval brush bristles lends itself well to foolproof blending and a flawless finish. Even a makeup newbie can easily achieve that airbrushed look in a flash with a starter kit of oval beauty brushes! 

So if you’re in the market for a new kind of makeup applicator, give the innovative and versatile new oval brush a try. Don’t be surprised if you end up throwing out those old sponges and beauty blenders!

You just may find a new alternative to your current way of applying makeup once you try the smooth and seamless technique of an oval beauty brush!