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11 Best Trainer Bras For Teens & Tweens

When trying to choose a trainer bra, you’re going to want something comfortable that will work with your growing breasts.

The idea of training bras is to provide support when you’re not yet able to fit into a bra of standard sizing. 

A training bra will protect any developing tissue during everyday activities such as exercise, jogging and also during school activities. 

The Best Trainer Bras

Below we’ve compiled a list of the best bras suitable for teens & tweens.

Popular Girls Sports Racerback Bra

Popular Girls Sports Racerback Bra - Girls Sports Bras Print & Solid Colors. Training Bras for Girls & Teens - 2 Pack

Coming in a pack of two and in a variety of assorted colours, these racerback bras will provide the utmost comfort. In a racerback style, these bras come with thick straps and a sports bra design to give breasts all the support they need during exercise and everyday activities. 

With a choice of different colours and patterns, these bras make the perfect transitional pieces.

Made with a soft, butter-like material and 5% spandex, they have been designed with comfort as a priority and the added spandex will provide a small amount of stretch to keep you feeling supported. 

Mik-Que Girls Seamless Training Bras

MIK-QUE Girls Seamless Training Bras Adjustable Straps Sports Bras

This pack of four bras comes in both light and dark shades, making them perfect to wear under any colour of clothing. The material is lightweight and breathable and with added spandex, the bras will stretch to your body to provide that much-needed support. 

Coming with adjustable shoulder straps and an elastic hem, you can tailor the bra to fit your body and adjust it as your breasts continue to grow. 

These bras are suitable for everyday use and also for exercise. 

Maidenform Girls’ Logo Band Cotton Crop Training Bra 3 Pack

Maidenform Girls' Logo Band Cotton Crop Training Bra

These light cotton bralettes are not only stylish but also offer support to any growing breasts.

They’ll create a smooth silhouette and are made from cotton, which will also feel soft on the skin while allowing it to breathe. 

Adjustable straps mean you can adjust the bra to perfectly fit your body, giving you just the right amount of support. 

Coming in light colours of grey marl, pink, and white, wear these bras under any pale t-shirts or school uniform shirts. 

Fruit of the Loom Girls’ Bra with Removable Cookies

Fruit of the Loom Girls' Bra with Removable Cookies

A great first bra for any growing girl. With removable cookies, these bras can provide extra coverage, if needed, and the adjustable spaghetti straps mean you can tailor the bra to give you just the right amount of support. 

They’ve been specially designed to provide support while also giving you enough comfort and room for your skin to breathe. 

Coming in a variety of different shades and patterns, Fruit of the Loom will have the right bra to suit any girl’s style, whether you prefer pink or black, hearts or stripes. 

Timeterny Big Girls Training Bra

TIMETERNY Big Girls Training Bra Cotton Sports Bras Wireless Light Padded Adjustable Straps Breathable

These bras are the perfect option if you need just that extra bit of support.

Coming in a padded design, they’ll protect any growing breasts and leave you feeling comfortable and confident. 

Made from 95% cotton and wire-free, these bras will feel comfortable and soft on your skin and without a wire, you won’t feel like anything is digging into you all day. 

You can use these bras for everyday activities such as school, seeing friends, or shopping.

They can also double up as sports bras so you can use them in any P.E classes, dancing, or running. 

Calvin Klein Girls’ Modern Cotton Bralette

Calvin Klein Girls' Modern Cotton Bralette, Singles and Multipack

When it comes to underwear, Calvin Klein has always got you covered for comfort.

This pullover bralette style features the iconic Calvin Klein logo and has been created to offer light and breathable support.

Pick from 28 different packs all with different colours and patterns. You can choose from the classic black and grey styles, or if you fancy something brighter then opt for a pink, leopard, or striped design.

The bras come also come in a convenient pack of two.         

Hanes Big Girl’s ComfortFlex Fit Seamless Racerback 2-Pack Bra

Hanes Big Girl's ComfortFlex Fit Seamless Racerback 2-Pack Bra

A versatile, racerback bra that is perfect for use with any tank top.

Designed without a wire, these bras will provide plenty of comfort and see you through the day without any complaint. 

Coming with added foam cups, these will not only give your growing breasts additional support but will also protect modesty which means they can be worn under thinner tops. 

A convenient style, there are no clasps or hooks with these bras, so you don’t have to become frustrated trying to clip the bra together, you can just pull it on and go.

Reebok Girls’ Bralette – Cotton Stretch Crop Cami Bralette (2 Pack)

Reebok Girls' Bralette - Cotton Stretch Crop Cami Bralette

Reebok has designed these bras to be worn when you need to be active.

Growing breasts shouldn’t slow you down, and Reebok has made sure this won’t be the case with their training bras. 

This bra comes in a lightweight and stretchy fabric that is perfect to wear when running, playing sports, or going to the gym.

It features a breathable fabric that also provides its wearer with all the support they need. 

These bras are also easy to take care of, you can machine wash them on low heat and tumble dry and coming in a two-pack, there will always be one to spare. 

HewMay 4-8 Pack Girls’ Training Bra

HewMay 4-8 Pack Girls' Training Bra Age 10-14 Teen Student Bra with Adjustable Straps

Made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex, these bras will have a comfortable fit that will smoothly stretch over the body.

Also coming with adjustable straps, you can fix the bra perfectly to your body to ensure you have the correct fit. 

The material is soft and breathable and comes with an elasticated hem so that the bra won’t roll up and cause any discomfort throughout the day. 

These packs of bras are perfect for everyday wear and come in a large pack of eight, so you can have one for every day of the week. 

Caramel Cantina Big Girls 6 Pack Seamless Training Comfort Bras

Caramel Cantina Big Girls 6 Pack Seamless Training Comfort Bras

Being wire-free and coming with adjustable straps, these bras will provide comfort throughout the day.

With a blend of nylon and spandex, they have a soft feel to them and coming in a bralette design they are also more fashionable than other typical training bra styles. 

As a pack of six, you’ll have plenty of training bras to see you through the week and coming in a variety of light and dark colours, there will be one available that you can wear under any coloured top. 

Adidas Girls Gym Sports Bra

adidas girls Gym Sports Bra

If you’re after a training bra purely for exercise, then Adidas has got you covered.

This bra provides full coverage and the maximum amount of support to see you through all of your sporting activities whether that’s running, jumping, or team sports. 

Being made from polyester and spandex, this bra will not only provide enough stretch to give you all the support you need, but it will also be sweatproof and waterproof thanks to its quick-drying material. 

Coming in a classic black colour, you can slip this bra on underneath any sporting top to leave you feeling supported and ready to put all your energy into your sports.

Picking out the right trainer bra is an important task. As a first bra, you’re going to want it to be comfortable and provide adequate support to your growing body.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to a training bra, so it should be easy to find the perfect one. 

If you want a bra for everyday use, then there are plenty of cotton bralette designs that will feel soft on the skin and lightweight underneath any clothing.

You can usually buy a pack with different colours so there will always be one at hand to match with the top you want to wear.

The majority of training bras also have adjustable straps, so you’ll be able to tailor the bra to your body. It’s important that the straps fit correctly, otherwise, the bra may not provide any support at all.

If you’re needing a training bra for sportswear, then you may want to purchase one that’s of a thicker material. This will give your breasts more support while you’re running or playing any team games. 

Whatever you may need your training bra for, with so many options when it comes to style, colour, and material, you’re going to end up spoilt for choice.