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10 Best Shoes for Waitresses – Comfortable Footwear For Servers

As a waitress, you’re going to be on your feet for hours on end with barely any time to sit down and rest your feet.

This means you’re going to a need comfortable pair of shoes that won’t rub or cause your feet to hurt any more than they should after an eight-hour shift.

Not only are you going to need comfortable shoes, but your employer may also require your shoes to be a certain colour, such as black, or for them to be of a smart design. 

You’ll want a pair that looks stylish with any plain uniform and a pair that moulds to the arches of your feet for the very best levels of comfort. 

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Best Shoes For Waitresses

Below we’ve compiled a list of 10 of the best shoes for waitresses.

Skechers Women’s Squad Sr Food Service Shoe

Skechers Women's Squad Sr Food Service Shoe

This smart, black sneaker has been made out of lightweight, synthetic material with a memory foam footbed to ensure the sneaker delivers the best comfort to your feet.

Coming with a flexible sole, that also has an extra grip to make them slip-resistant, you can rest assured you won’t only feel comfortable in these shoes, but also safe. 

Being a black design, these sneakers will be accepted by the majority of hospitality venues and will work perfectly with any uniforms, especially if you’re required to wear black bottoms. 

Yhoon Women’s Walking Shoes Slip-On Sock Sneakers

YHOON Women's Walking Shoes Slip-on - Sock Sneakers Ladies Nursing Work Air Cushion Mesh Casual Running Jogging Shoes

Coming with an easy slip-on design, you can just push your foot into these shoes and be on your way, no fiddling around with laces.

Coming in a variety of different colours such as navy, red, or purple, you can also pick a shade that will tie in with your server uniform. 

The breathable and lightweight material will mean that your feet won’t get hot and stuffy on any long shifts, which can make being on your feet all day feel unbearable.

Also coming with an airbed and platformed sole, these sneakers put enough space between you and the floor to make it feel like walking on clouds all day. 

Not only are they great for walking but you can also wear them for other activities that require you to spend a long period of time on your feet such as shopping, sports, or any daily walking. 

Clarks Women’s Sillian Bella Mary Jane Flat

CLARKS Women's Sillian Bella Mary Jane Flat

If your work requires you to wear something smarter than a sneaker, then Clarks have got you covered.

Its Mary Jane flat not only provides you with plenty of comfort, but the shoe also comes in a smart design. 

Featuring a soft, cushioned sole, these Mary Janes give the effect of walking on clouds. A small, wedged heel of 1.35 inches will provide your feet with enough support to last you through your long shift. 

The synthetic material makes the shoe breathable and the strap going across the front will ensure your feet are secured into the shoe to stop any slipping, which will make them easy to walk in. 

Dr Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Dynamo Work Shoe

Dr. Scholl's Shoes Women's Dynamo Work Shoe

Coming with a memory foam fit and anti-compression insole, these work shoes have been specially designed to keep your feet feeling comfortable all day.

Every step should feel soft, and the rubber sole will stop any shockwaves coming from the floor to your feet after each step. 

Not only this but the shoes have been designed with oil-resistant and slip-resistant soles so that you can feel safe rushing around kitchens or restaurant floors. 

The shoes are 100% leather so you can be guaranteed you’ll be comfortable as the leather will shape to your foot, and they’ll be less likely to rub.

The leather material also means they’ll stay waterproof, and you can just wipe off any spillages. 

Fila Women’s Memory Flux Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Fila Women's Memory Flux Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Created with durable leather, these sneakers will be sure to last you through your waitressing career.

They have been designed with an anti-slip rubber outsole so that you’ll be safe in any kitchen or restaurant where spillages are likely to occur. 

You can expect nothing but all-day comfort with these sneakers, they have been specially designed with a memory foam sock liner and midsole to make sure your feet stay feeling supported throughout your entire shift.

The lace-up style makes the sneakers more of a casual design, perfect if your restaurant has a casual uniform policy. 

Crocs Unisex Adult Men’s and Women’s on The Clock Clog

Crocs Unisex-Adult Men's and Women's on The Clock Clog | Slip Resistant Work Shoes

These slip-on shoes have been specially designed for you to spend long shifts in.

Created with an enhanced arch, these shoes will give your feet all the support they need to spend a number of long hours walking in. 

Not only are they incredibly comfortable and also slip resistant, but being made from plastic, the shoes are easy to clean, so you can just wipe away any spillages.

They’ll fit like a classic Crocs shoe but coming in all black and without any holes like in the original Crocs, they look much smarter and will work well with nearly all waitressing uniforms. 

New Balance Women’s FuelCore Nergize V1 Sneaker

New Balance Women’s FuelCore Nergize V1 Sneaker

Featuring a midsole that gives you lightweight cushioning, these sneakers will be able to provide your feet with comfort all day long.

Each step will feel like you’re walking on a soft cushion while also giving your arches all the support they need. 

Along with being a comfortable fit, the sneaker is also stylish coming in a sleek, black design.

They have a sporty exterior that will work well if your waitressing uniform is more casual. 

Wear them to work, shopping, to the gym, or for any other sporting activities. 

SR Max Ventura Women’s Skate Style Max Trax Slip Resistant Soft Toe Work Shoe

SR Max Ventura, Women's, Skate Style, MaxTrax Slip Resistant, Soft Toe Work Shoe

The canvas outing of these sneakers makes this pair of shoes a more casual choice, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be any less comfortable.

They have a memory foam footbed that moulds to your feet and leaves them feeling cushioned and supported through your shift. 

A rubber outsole also makes them slip-resistant and oil-resistant so there’s no need to panic about falling due to any unseen spillages on the restaurant floor. 

Being a lace-up design, your feet should also feel nice and secure when you’re walking around which will also help to maximise any comfort. 

Dr Martens Bonny Chukka Boot

Dr. Martens Bonny Chukka Boot

If you prefer boots over shoes, then Dr Martens have got you covered.

These boots feature the classic Dr Martens air-cushioned soles to provide you with plenty of comfort throughout the day. 

These five-eyed chukka boots feature a canvas upper to make sure that your feet are able to breathe while you’re up and about during your shift.

With the upper and sole sewn together with Dr Martens’ classic yellow stitch, you can be assured that these boots will last you.   

The bottoms of the boots also feature a number of grips to ensure that the boots are slip-resistant and also oil and fat-resistant, which is no doubt needed if you work in a restaurant. 

Lugz Women’s Clipper Slip-Resistant Work Shoe

Lugz Women's Clipper Slip-Resistant Work Shoe Food Service

Made from 100% leather and with a cushioned insole, these shoes will provide plenty of comfort to your feet, stopping them from becoming tired during your shift.

Coming in a classic plimsoll style, these shoes are easy to slip on and off and with breathable lining, your feet should stay feeling fresh. 

Grips on the bottoms ensure you’ll be safe from any slips and the stylish and sleek design will work well with any uniform. 

Working as a waitress can become tiring if you don’t have the right shoes on your feet. You’re going to need a pair that support your arches, provides comfort, and still allows your feet to breathe, even after an eight-hour shift. 

When looking for the right pair try to pick shoes that feature memory foam insoles so that your feet can feel supported, while also feeling like you’re walking on a cloud.

If you want to feel secure in your shoe, you can also opt for a lace-up option, this means your feet won’t be sliding around in the shoe. 

Black styles will work the best with the majority of uniforms, they’ll allow you to look smart and presentable and if you make sure to go for a pair with plenty of grip on the bottom then you won’t have to worry about slipping on any spillages and hurting yourself.

The right pair of work shoes will be out there for you, whether you need smart or casual, lace-up, or slip-on.