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The Best Dermaplaning Tools For Softer, Smoother Skin

Unwanted facial hair can be a bothersome problem. It can be costly and time-consuming to regularly wax or get laser hair removal.

Nowadays there’s a more convenient alternative, and it also exfoliates your face too!

Let me introduce dermaplaning. This procedure has traditionally been reserved for professionals in a salon environment.

This method involves carefully pulling a sharp metal edge across the surface of your skin. This acts to exfoliate by removing dead skin cells whilst also getting rid of peach fuzz or unwanted hairs.

Not only does this leave your skin looking healthy and radiant but also makes applying makeup super easy thanks to the smooth surface.

This method doesn’t make hair grow back thicker or darker either.

There are lots of great tools available so you can do this from the comfort of your own home, including razors and electrical dermaplaning devices.

Although this may seem daunting at first, it’s really easy and risk-free.

Why not check out our reviews for Best Lighted Makeup & Vanity Mirrors to highlight your face whilst using these tools, some have magnification which is helpful when checking out lighter smaller hairs.

To give your face a real treat, check our reviews for the Best Facial Steamers, they are a vital part of any professional facial treatment which you can do at home. They are the ultimate skin decongestant tool, allowing any active ingredients you use on your face afterwards to more effectively sink into your skin.

Best Dermaplaning Tools

If you’re interested in learning more about the 11 best dermaplaning tools out there, read on.

StackedSkincare Dermaplaning Tool

StackedSkincare Dermaplaning Face Exfoliating Tool

This dermaplaning tool by Stacked Skincare is great because it’s been designed with safety at the forefront.

The safety features of this tool allow for the maximum blade to surface contact, whilst also protecting your face from cuts or nicks.

This lets you remove dead skin and peach fuzz without any fear of injury thanks to this clinical grade dermaplaning tool.

This handheld, manual razor removes peach fuzz from your face, upper lip hair, and dead skin cells to create incredibly soft skin and an unbeatably smooth complexion.

This tool features an aluminum handle that is reusable with new replacement blades.

Tinkle Eyebrow Razor

Dorco Tinkle Eyebrow Razor, Hair Trimmer Shaver and Tough Up Tool, Facial Razor with Safety Cover

This is a great option for a dermaplaning tool if you’re on a tight budget.

These razors may be inexpensive but they’re really effective at getting rid of hair from your face.

The blades are surprisingly sharp, so you can use the tool with a very gentle hand. You can also use these razors to shape your eyebrows.

This multipack of dermaplaning tools is great value for money and the small, lightweight size of these razors means they’re super convenient to travel with.

The only downside of this super affordable option is that the blades tend to become dull rather quickly, meaning these are not very long-lasting.

Tweezerman Bright Complexion Facial Dermaplaner

Tweezerman Bright Complexion Facial Dermaplaner

This dermaplaning tool by the renowned brand Tweezerman is guaranteed to brighten and illuminate your complexion.

This product comes with four high-quality stainless-steel blades and a comfy ergonomic handle.

This is a very user-friendly option that offers a simple way to remove facial hair and dead skin to leave your face silky soft. This is also an inexpensive but highly effective choice.          

If you’re looking for a quick, fuss-free option this is the product for you. However, if a very sharp blade is important to you, maybe consider a different dermaplaning tool on our list.

Schick Hydro Silk Touch-Up Multipurpose Exfoliating Dermaplaning Tool

Schick Hydro Silk Touch-Up Multipurpose Exfoliating Dermaplaning Tool, Eyebrow Razor, and Facial Razor with Precision Cover

These Touch-Up razors by the tried and tested brand Schick are a perfect option for dermaplaning. Your face will be unbelievably smooth and free of dry patches or bumps.

You can also use these affordable razors to quickly give your brows a touch-up or get any spots you might have accidentally missed on your body. These razors come in a multipack and feature fine micro guards to protect your skin.

Dermaflash Luxe Anti-Aging Dermaplaning Exfoliation Device

DERMAFLASH LUXE Device, Anti,Aging, Exfoliation, Hair Removal, and Dermaplaning Tool

The Dermaflash Luxe Anti-Aging Dermaplaning Exfoliation Device is the perfect device to replace expensive professional treatments.

Although this is a bit pricey, this is a super luxurious product that offers safe and quick at-home dermaplaning.

This product is award-winning and uses patented sonic technology to remove peach fuzz, dead skin, and other residues that can cause your skin to be dull.

After using this, you’ll have an instantly brighter and smoother complexion.

Although this is not the most affordable dermaplaning tool on our list, this product is full of features.

It comes with a cleanser, moisturizer, and extra razor cartridges. There are two speeds to choose from, gentle or invigorating, depending on your preference.

Finishing Touch Flawless Dermaplane Glo Lighted Facial Exfoliator

Finishing Touch Flawless Dermaplane Glo Lighted Facial Exfoliator

This dermaplaning tool is a great way to remove unwanted hair from your face.

It also features a unique LED light so you can clearly see during the dermaplaning process.

This product is made with Japanese steel and features an ultra-fine safety guard, to keep your face safe from cuts and allows you to use this tool with ease.

Joey Healy Grooming Dermablade Trio

Joey Healy Grooming Dermablade Trio

These super chic matte black razors by Joey Healy are a great option if you’ve already had some experience with dermaplaning tools.

These razors have an exceptionally sharp stainless-steel blade, which is great but might be a bit tricky for beginners.

You get multiple uses per blade, and each razor features a foldable handle that is in place for increased safety.

Michael Todd Beauty – Sonicsmooth – Dermaplaning Tool

Michael Todd Beauty - Sonicsmooth - Dermaplaning Tool - 2 in 1 Women’s Facial Exfoliation & Peach Fuzz Hair Removal System

The Sonicsmooth kit by Michael Todd not only removes unwanted facial hair but also uses sonic technology to help improve the texture of rough skin, enlarged pores, fine lines, and dullness.

This dermaplaning tool also comes with a pre-treatment charcoal-infused cleanser and an after-treatment gel to make sure your skin is protected and to get the best results for your complexion possible.

Philips Beauty Precision Perfect Trimmer

Philips PrecisionPerfect compact Precision Trimmer for Women, Facial Hair Removal & Eyebrows

This multi-use dermaplaning tool comes with multiple heads, including a trimmer allowing you to get into any area of your face with ease.

It’s so easy to tackle unwanted hair on your cheeks, jawline, upper lip, and chin.

It also comes with a precision attachment that allows you to only remove one or two pesky hairs.

This electric dermaplaning tool is very user-friendly, and even comes with a dusting brush to keep it clean after every use.

Japonesque Brow Touch Up Razors

Japonesque Brow Touch Up Razors with Ultra-Sharp Stainless Steel Blades, for Unwanted Facial Hair and Peach Fuzz Removal

If you’re looking for a dermaplaning tool that works amazingly well for brows too, the Japonesque Brow Touch Up Razors are a great choice.

Not only do they look great but they’re also very easy and comfortable to use.

This set of razors features an ultra-comfortable handle and has a short stainless-steel blade making them perfect for dermaplaning.

Ennva Eyebrow Razor for Women

ennva Eyebrow Razor for Women | Dermaplane Facial Razor for Women Face | Hair Trimmer Face Razor for Women Body Use | Multipurpose Facial Hair Removal...

These disposable set of dermaplaning tools are incredibly budget-friendly, one pack contains six razors, making them great value for money.

They have an ergonomic, anti-slip handle for ease of use. This handle is even made of corn and other biodegradable materials, to reduce the environmental impact of single-use tools.

The blades are sharp and sturdy and feature a safety edge to protect your skin from cuts. The only downside of these dermaplaning tools is that the blades dull quickly, making them single use.