9 Best Facial Steamers To Manage Congestion & Breakouts

9 Best Facial Steamers To Manage Congestion & Breakouts

Warm air does a great job of cleaning out your skin. That’s why steaming is a vital part of any professional facial treatment.

If you have trouble with stubborn blackheads, or just feel like your complexion needs a refresh, a facial steamer might just be the thing that your skincare routine is missing.

Steaming the face allows for easier removal of blackheads and oils which clog the skin. This is because the steam helps to soften the oil deposits on the surface of the skin, and inside the pores.

Facial steamers are the ultimate skin decongestant tool.

Also, facial steamers work to soften the outer layer of your skin, this allows any active ingredients you use on your face afterwards to more effectively sink into your skin.

When using a facial steamer, it’s advised to remove your makeup beforehand for best results.

Using a facial steamer is usually safe for most skin types, however, if you suffer from rosacea it is recommended that you avoid using a facial steamer because the heat may cause a flare-up.

Best Facial Steamers

Now that it’s clear why facial steamers are so good for the skin, keep reading to learn more about the 9 best facial steamers on the market.

Pure 3-in-1 Ionic Nanosteamer Facial Steamer

NanoSteamer Large 3-in-1 Nano Ionic Facial Steamer with Precise Temp Control - 30 Min Steam Time - Humidifier

This 3-1 Nanosteamer supplies charged ionic particles to penetrate the skin on a deep level in order to unclog your pores and remove blackheads.

It works for up to 30 minutes of steam time.

This facial steamer features an ion generator which allows this at home device to provide professional spa level treatment. The ion generator increases the benefits of the steam on your skin and helps to kill pathogens on the surface of the skin.

This facial steamer features three settings, allowing it to switch between a facial steamer, towel warmer or humidifier. It also includes a five-piece set of blackhead and blemish extractors.

Vanity Planet Aira Ionic Facial Steamer

Aira Nano Ionic Facial Steamer by Vanity Planet - (Rose Gold) - Unclog Pores & Blackheads Cleaner Detoxifies, Cleanses & Moisturizes Skin

The Vanity Planet Aira Ionic facial steamer offers great value when considering the spec of this device.

This facial steamer does a fantastic job at unclogging pores and even helps to moisturise and soften skin.

This device also provides ionic steam, working quickly, with the steam kicking in in just 30-45 seconds. 

Not only does this facial steamer have all the essential features, but it also looks great. The design is super chic, and you can even fill this device with your favourite essential oils to create a full spa experience from the comfort of your home.

Amconsure Facial Steamer

Amconsure Facial Steamer - Nano Ionic Facial Steamer Warm Mist Moisturizing Face Steamer Home Sauna SPA,Pores Cleanse Clear Blackheads Acne Impurities

This facial steamer from Amconsure also gets to work in a very short time, under 60 seconds. This is great if you don’t have much time in your day to fit in your skincare routine. 

This facial steamer converts water into a super fine mist which removes dirt, oil and stubborn makeup from your skin.

You can really feel the deep cleaning effects of this facial steamer on your skin. This makes your skin a great surface for serums, toners or creams that you apply afterwards, helping them to easily penetrate your skin’s surface.

This one also comes with a five-piece blackhead extractor kit to help you remove any pesky blackheads.

Dr. Dennis Gross Pro Facial Steamer

Dr. Dennis Gross Pro Facial Steamer: Infuse Skin with Hydration, Clarify Complexion, and Detox Skin

This facial steamer is very easy to use, and gets to work super quickly, making this another ideal choice if you’re short on time. A full cycle with this device takes just 9 minutes of your time. 

You can thoroughly clean and moisturise your skin thanks to the micro-steam technology in this facial steamer.

This device features a wide nozzle allowing for even steam distribution across your face and has an in-built shut-off function for maximum safety, which is great if you have young kids or pets.

The only downside of this highly rated facial steamer is that it’s one of the more expensive products on our list.

Portable Moisturizing Mini Nano Mister

Nano Facial Mister, Cool Nano Mist Sprayer, Portable Moisturizing Mini Nano Mister, Mini Atomization, Handy Hydrating Sprayer for Eyelash Extensions, Skin

This is a great option if you like to travel a lot. This facial steamer may be small in size but it’s packed full of great features.

This facial steamer contains a high-tech atomisation chip and a unique high-speed oscillation process. Despite it’s impressive spec, it’s actually very easy to use, and to refill. 

This pocket sized facial steamer delivers an impressive amount of mist, so be careful not to over spray. It even works very effectively when curling lashes.

This device is designed to brighten and moisturise your skin, whilst purifying at the same time. 

Panasonic Nano Ionic Compact Design with One-Touch Operation Facial Steamer

Panasonic Nano Ionic Compact Design with One-Touch Operation Facial Steamer with Ultra-Fine Steam - Spa Like Face Steaming At Home

This is another of the more expensive facial steamers on our list, but this highly reviewed product is worth the price if you’re looking to splurge.

This is one of fastest steamers too, with one cycle only taking 6 minutes to complete. If you have a busy schedule, this facial steamer is very easy to incorporate into your daily routine. 

The Panasonic Nano Ionic steamer not only works extremely effectively to penetrate the skin and cleanse your skin, but the design is also very sleek and compact.

If you live in a small space, with a bathroom that’s on the smaller size, this is the product for you. 

Conair True Glow by Gentle Mist Moisturizing Facial Sauna System with Facial Cleansing Brush

True Glow by Conair Gentle Mist Moisturizing Facial Steamer with Cleansing Brush

This facial steamer by Conair is fantastic value for money. For an amazing price, you get everything you need to create a relaxing and high-quality at home spa experience.

Not only does this device help you to get radiant, soft skin but it also comes with an attachment that allows you to steam your sinuses, which is extremely useful if you’re suffering with a cold or flu!

With this device, you also get a battery operated exfoliating brush and a sponge head for applying moisturiser. So you truly get a full facial experience.

Okachi Facial Steamer

Facial Steamer OKACHI GLIYA 4 in 1 Nano Ionic Facial Steamer for Face Deep Cleaning Unclogs Pores & Blackheads Warm Mist Face Humidifier

This facial steamer is so easy to use, you won’t believe. Simply press a button and you’ll be alerted to when it’s fully heated and ready to go.

You’ll get 15 minutes of steam, and then it will automatically turn off. 

The facial steamer by Okcahi uses sterilized steam, for a truly hygienic cleansing experience.

The steam is also nano-ionic for increased pore purification. It also comes with a mirror, headband and skin extraction tools, so you truly have everything you need.

The only thing to be noted with this product is that you cannot use essential oils with this device – only water. 

Ion Facial Steamer and Hair Humidifier

Hair Steamer EZBASICS 2 in 1 Ion Facial Steamer with Extendable Arm Table Top Hair Humidifier Hot Mist Moisturizing Facial Atomizer Spa Face Steamer

Finally, we have the multifunctional Ion Facial Steamer and Hair Humidifier. With this versatile device you can indulge in skincare and haircare at the same time.

This product distributes very gentle seam onto your pores, whilst the head attachment allows you to give your hair and scalp an intensive dose of hydration. 

When paired with your favourite hair mask, this product gives you truly salon-quality results. This product helps to prevent dandruff, breakage and restores damaged hair back to full health.