How to Make Punny and Memorable Wedding Hashtags

Punny wedding hashtags are becoming a major trend. Not entirely surprising, considering that everyone and their dogs are active social media users. The benefits are numerous, to say the least.

What do I mean by that? Well, using wedding hashtags is a great way to build up anticipation for the big day, it helps friends and guests who were unable to make the wedding get updates easily, and it also is great for sharing inside jokes with friends and reliving the memories of the entire event.

So whatever it is you may be doing as your big day draws near- whether it’s wine tasting, picking out flowers or venues- take a picture, use your wedding hashtag in the caption and post the picture online.

This will help to document the entire process for you and your loved ones to watch and reminisce about later. Some people start making use of their hashtag as early as the engagement parts- some even have “engagement hashtags”. So trust me when I tell you wedding hashtags are what’s poppin’!

I know you are probably wondering how you can generate or conjure up this amazing, unique and funny wedding hashtag to grace your special day. For some people, creating this special and unique wedding hashtag is a bit troublesome.

Coupled with the fact that you have so much work to do in regards to planning for your wedding, the last thing you want to be doing is wasting time and energy brainstorming a hashtag for it.

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Ways to Get Your Ideal Wedding Hashtag

Use Online Wedding Hashtag Generators

You obviously don’t have the time for brainstorming to create a perfect and funny wedding hashtag because of your busy schedule planning the wedding. Fear not, there are various online generators that can help you create your ideal wedding hashtag.

These online generators have done a really great job for people, and you would be surprised at the number of people who use them to generate winning wedding hashtags. They are stress-free and easy to use.

All you have to do is put in a few pieces of information, like the groom’s last name and the location of your wedding, and wait. Here are some great online wedding hashtag generator sites you can check out:

Ask A Friend Or Family Member for Wedding Hashtag Ideas

If you have a very funny or “punny” friend or family members in your circle, now is the best time to hit them up. A friend or family member who you know is always being funny or makes good use of puns, he or she would be of great help in creating your wedding hashtags.

Delegating this task to your friend or family member can take some of the heat off of you and also motivate them to honor your show of trust in them.

So, contact that funny friend or family member and ask them to help you come up with something catchy and memorable.

Remember, the idea is to have a wedding hashtag that is unique and funny. Ensure you convey what you would like your hashtag to be when telling that family member or friend.

Hire A Freelancer for Wedding Hashtag Ideas

There are many companies out there that offer freelance services for people who are seeking various services. Hiring a freelancer to help you create the perfect wedding hashtag can save you all a ton stress.

This particular option if surprisingly popular amongst couples because it saves them the stress and work.

Please know that this service from any of these freelancer services would cost you a certain amount, it is not free.

However, some of these services only require you to pay if you decide to make use of their hashtag. Some of these popular freelance sites where you can get someone to help you with your funny wedding hashtag include:



Wedding Hashers

There are many more out resources there that can deliver outstanding funny wedding hashtags to suit your occasion. Hire a freelancer, and more likely than not you will be getting a top-quality wedding hashtag that will allow you to focus on more important matters concerning your wedding.

Have A Competition to Come Up With the Best Wedding Hashtag

Another really good way to source out your ideal wedding hashtag is by having a competition with your friends and family.

A competition where they all submit their best ideas for a wedding hashtag and that hashtag gets to become the official wedding hashtag. You can have mini ballot boxes around so everyone gets to put their ideas down.

This is a really good way for you to search through their ideas and see what you can make from them. So, make it look serious and official, preferably having a reward for the winner.

This will help make it more competitive, and if you come from a very competitive family and social circle this could work wonders for you. As they submit their ideas, ensure that you scrutinize them thoroughly to get exactly what you want.

Brainstorm Wedding Hashtag Ideas on Your Own

This is probably the least popular option for most people. Looking and searching for an ideal wedding hashtag can be quite a task but some people prefer to do this themselves.

So yes, you can brainstorm various ideas and pick the most perfect one for your wedding. You could do hit brainstorming randomly, like when you are doing the laundry or other minimal activities.

Jot down some of the ideas you came up with and run them by your friends and fiancee. With their feedback, you will be able to tell which ones to keep and which ones to throw away.

Brainstorming can be a bit much for some people, so do not put any pressure on yourself or else the entire process will become pretty counterproductive. Only brainstorm and jot down ideas when it’s convenient for you.

Once you have been able to get your ideal wedding hashtag, ensure it is not something too complex and long. Make sure you choose one that is quite easy to remember and also, the shorter it is, the easier it is to remember by friends and guests.

To help you get a better view of what some really funny wedding hashtags look like, Vera and I put together some really creative and funny ones we came across while researching. Take a look!








Wrapping it Up

The wedding hashtags listed above are just the tip of the iceberg compared to the amount of really funny and creative hashtags out there.

The best way to get all you want from your wedding hashtag is to discreetly post them through our your entire wedding. So from the selection of location to picking of flowers and tasting of cakes, just keep posting the hashtag.

This means that the earlier you get your wedding hashtag the better, so you can start posting it on all your social media accounts.

You do not want to be left out of this wedding hashtag craze, and with the help of social media, you’ll be able to document a lovely wedding experience to all your followers and friends.

If a wedding hashtag is used by a lot of people it might start to trend, which would mean more people will come across your pictures. Don’t let your glorious wedding occasion go by just like that- make use of a funny unique wedding hashtag and showcase it for the entire world to see.