How to Create the Perfect Wedding Evite

You are no longer limited to having printed wedding invitations and save the date, all thanks to the creating of digital invites, or “Evites“… so why not create a wedding evite to make your special day unforgettable?

Going paperless can be a great way to save money, and evites can be romantic and unique.

Remember that invitations, whether they are printed or digital, are the first impression your guests will have with your wedding. This helps set the tone of what they should expect from your special day.

You might be wondering exactly why you need to use evites. Below are some simple things to take into consideration:

  • Evites are cheaper

The average cost of printing physical wedding invitations is quite expensive ranging from $4000 to as much as $8000. While the average cost of using evites would cost you around $100.

There are so many more expensive things to allocate your wedding budget to than invitations. In this day and age, you should not need to spend that much on invitations.

  • Evites mean less stress

Going digital saves you a whole lot of work. No licking envelopes or writing addresses till your hand cramps up. There are more than enough things to stress you while you plan for your big day, and I do not suggest you let the issue of wedding invitations be one of them.

Then the actual process of having these mails sent out can be quite consuming, something I believe you can do without while you prepare for the wedding. Think of all the writing and special attention you have to give each invite to ensure it is good enough and addressed to the right location.

With a wedding Evite, you that have to do as much, with their emails all you have to do is click send with your customized wedding evite attached without you having to leave the house. 

  • Mo’ paper, mo’ problems

With wedding Evites, your guests don’t have to bother filling RSVP cards and mailing back. All they have to do is log onto your wedding website and click yes or no. Short and sweet.

  • Your designs will be in sync

With evites, it is easy to make your save the dates, wedding invites, wedding website, and your thank you cards incorporate the same design theme. You can include all your wedding colors and the general theme of your wedding on it. 

Your wedding day is a day you showcase your beautiful love story to the world, and you first highlight this love story by designing an unforgettable wedding evite. Creating a custom maker wedding evite will help show off your unique personality, save money and time. It is not difficult to get done, whether you want to make use of premade wedding Evite templates or design one from scratch.

So let’s take a look at a few steps to follow to create an unforgettable wedding Evite. 

1) Pick a size and color

The first thing to consider is your desired size and shape of your Evite. Then you take into account your desired color. You want everything to flow and match the general theme of your wedding.

So if you have a certain color designated as the color of the day, ensure that your evite has an adequate amount of that color. This will help give your guests a little preview of what they can expect from your wedding. 

The size and color of your evite are more important than you may think. Opening an email containing your wedding evites, these are the first things you guests would take note of.

I’m sure you would want to start off on the right foot by taking into account what size, shape, and color you want your evite to be. 

2) Design an Evite theme based on your wedding color

What style are you going with? Are you want something casual, formal, or a little deviation from the norm? This theme will serve to indicate how you want your wedding evite to feel. The color you’re choosing for your wedding will be a key component here.

3) Collect all graphics and other assets you’ll need for your wedding Evite

If you are not going to use a premade wedding Evite template, I would advise you to start collecting imagines or assets for your design. It is quite common for couples to make use of a photo on the evite, while some others use a theme based on the destination of the wedding.

So if you are having your wedding in Hawaii, for instance, your wedding Evites may contain island tropical features so as to help set the mood for your guests on what to expect. Regardless of what style you prefer, ensure to collect images or assets that will be part of your wedding evite. 

4) Find the perfect Evite font

The font you choose on your wedding Evite has more power and influence than you make think. While you think of this perfect font to make use of, also consider how the write up you will have on your Evites would look with those fonts.

Some words just don’t look right with certain fonts. So take that into consideration. The size of your font matters, and the style you choose for your fonts matter just as much.

5) Include an RSVP Link on Your Wedding Evite

When designing your wedding Evite, do not forget to include your rsvp link so your guest can let you know whether or not they’re coming. 

Creating your personalized wedding Evites can be a great way to show your guest your personality and knack for design. Regardless of how creative in arts you may be, creating a wholesome Evite can be done just following the simple steps above.

I know it is not something a lot of couples do themselves, but it is not as hard as you may think. And once you are able to create an unforgettable wedding Evite, it is something you will cherish forever.