best seiko watches for men

The 10 Best Seiko Watches for Men – Reviewed

Seiko watches are one of the best choices of wristwatches with the right mix of affordability and luxury. With unique identifications and specifications, these watches provide top-notch user preferences. 

10 Best Seiko Watches

Below, you’ll find our top picks for the 10 best Seiko watch:

The Seiko Alpinist SARB017

Seiko Prospex Alpinist Limited Model SBDC091

The Seiko SARB017 is perhaps one of the most iconic pieces in this renowned series.

While the purpose of this timepiece is to be a reliable timekeeper for mountain climbers, it also carries an exclusive and opulent design that keeps wearers and on-lookers constantly fascinated, regardless of how many times they look at it.

The Seiko SARB017 features a good curvature profile on its lugs, which makes it fit more cleanly on owners with small wrists while still being nice wear for those with larger wrist sizes.

Operating beneath the gorgeous emerald green dial of the Seiko SARB017 is a Seiko Calibre 6R15 movement.

This model is pretty slim and compact, so you’ll not have to worry too much about accidentally bumping the wristwatch into things.

The Seiko Prospex Mini Turtle

SEIKO PROSPEX"Mini Turtle" Automatic Diver's 200M

Seiko Mini Turtle features a self-explanatory moniker. Being a downscale version of the Turtle, this tiny dive watch caught the attention of collectors and divers.

While the Turtle’s rather big cushion-style case is often quite cumbersome for those with smaller wrists, the Mini Turtle features a smaller, more compact, and sleeker design (the Mini Turtle comes in at 42.3mm thickness with a height or thickness of 13mm) and is out there in different variations too.

The models under this series also are available in stainless steel bracelets or silicon strap models.

The Presage Multi-Hand Automatic Enamel Dial SPB045

The Presage Multi-Hand Automatic Enamel Dial SPB045

The Multi-Hand Automatic features a layout that we’ve seen before from the Presage line, featuring a power reserve indicator at nine and a pointer calendar sub-dial at six.

It has well-designed stainless steel dimensions 40.5mm wide and 12.8mm thick. It is a double-domed sapphire crystal and has a water resistance of 10 bar.

With a 45-hour power reserve, this enamel-dial watch is one of the best in the series.

The Samurai

Seiko Prospex Samurai Stainless Steel Automatic Dive Watch

The SRPB51 commonly referred to as The Samurai is one of the “Prospex” lines for “professional specs” or specifications.

This range of watches is meant to be used by professionals – they are made for diving. As such, they provide superior build quality to the regular diving range.

It also balances that well with affordability, though, as this is often still attainable by many.

The layout of this watch is very striking- the pleasant waffle texture of the dial makes this appealing piece stand out from others.

The Cocktail Time SRPE15J1

SEIKO PRESAGE"Mockingbird" Cocktail Green Dial Steel Watch

Following the Samurai closely, we have the SRPE15J1or Cocktail Time, with its unbelievably striking dial.

Many things are going for this beautiful watch, which is a component of the Prestige line. Firstly, the sunray dial, which you’ve got to see to believe. The applied logo, hour markers, and date window border alongside the pitched dauphine hands make it an excellent choice.

In addition to these designs, it’s also got a beautiful movement powering it – Seiko’s 4R35, which is almost the same as the Samurai, except this particular feature has a delightful gold rotor which makes it look even more luxurious.

To top it all off, the deeply domed hardlex crystal provides an incredible vintage vibe that will undoubtedly appeal to many.

The Sumo SPB181J1

Seiko Prospex PADI Special Edition Diver's 200m Automatic Sapphire Glass Watch SPB181J1

Another member of the “Prospex” family is the Sumo. This SPB181J1 may be a special version associated with PADI, the association of Diving Instructors, the world’s leading skin diving training organization. Seiko’s pioneering status within the dive watch industry is yet another symbol.

The Sumo features a delightful case that is slick and fluid and shows off Seiko’s excellent finishing techniques perfectly.

It also features a more advanced movement, the 6R35, with a powerful 70-hour power reserve and greater accuracy out of the factory. Handling this watch, it’s a transparent upgrade from the Samurai, and it is obvious why this is such a popular diving watch – both in terms of stand-out design and build quality.

The Prospex SPB213J1

Seiko Prospex 62MAS 140th Anniversary Limited Edition Diver's 200m Sapphire Sports Watch SPB213J1

Being one of the most expensive and luxurious picks, we have the “Prospex”.

Delivering an outstanding retro design thanks to it being a reissue of the 62MAS from 1965, the SPB213J1 contains the identical movement as the Sumo, but the watch itself is upgraded in many aspects.

It’s a highly scratch-resistant sapphire crystal rather than Seiko’s preferred hardlex, which may be found on the other watches.

Adding to the luxurious design is the glossy blue bezel insert. 

It also boasts an excellent hard coating applied to the stainless steel, ensuring the whole watch is more scratch-resistant, and thus, more hard-wearing, wearable, and can look new for a longer time.

The Seiko 5 Sports

Seiko SRPD79 Seiko Sports 5 Men's Watch Black 42.5mm Stainless Steel

The Sieko 5 Sports beauty is a perfect amalgamation of all the Seiko watches.

The solid, reliable movement, striking looks, and specific characters make it comparable to the SKXOO7.

Also, with all of the luxurious specifications, you’ll find it hard to believe that it’s affordable.

If you’re looking to buy your first Seiko, you might want to try it as you will quickly fall in love with it.


Seiko Men's Analogue Automatic Watch with Stainless Steel Bracelet – SNZF15K1

The Seiko 5 SNZF15 is another variant of the normal Seiko 5, but it utilizes an upgraded 7S36 movement rather than the original 7S26. This is often a traditional movement with a 3 o’clock crown and is rated for +40/-20 seconds per day.

While the uni-directional bevel may be a great feature for a dive watch, the SNZF15 isn’t dive-rated like the other Seikos.

That said, it’s large, high-visibility dots at 5-minute marks and wide, easy-to-follow minute and hour hands.

The case measures 42mm in diameter and 13mm thick and features a Hardlex mineral crystal immune to scratching and shattering.

The Seiko 5 SNK809

SEIKO Men's SNK809 SEIKO 5 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch

The Seiko 5 SNK809 isn’t just an homage to the first Seiko 5; it’s the newest version since these watches have been in continuous production since the 1960s with minor variations.

The first design was engineered to meet five criteria: automatic movement, good water resistance, each day and date window, a 4-o’clock crown, and a rugged design. You’ll still find all those features on today’s Seiko 5 watches.

Like other watches with the 7S26 movement, this one highlights a 4 o’clock crown. It doesn’t probe your wrist when you flex your arm the way a 3 o’clock crown will.

The Seiko SKX011

The Seiko SKX011

The SKX011 watch uses the identical 7S26 movement as the SKX007 and the SKX009.

This is often a workhorse movement, which offers a rather humdrum accuracy of +20/-40 seconds each day and is non-hacking and non-winding.

The SKX011 case measures 42mm in diameter and features a lug-to-lug length of 45.5mm. It’s slightly slimmer than the 007, at a thickness of only 12.7mm. That said, it’s significantly lighter, weighing only 3.68 ounces, so it’s a solid choice if you favor a more lightweight watch.

It’s still ISO-rated for diving and highlights a screw-down crown at 4 o’clock.

The dial is attractive, with an orange pumpkin face and white dots at 5-minute marks. It’s the same beefy hands as the rest of the SKX series, with a needle-like second user with a bright dot at the back end for visibility.

You’ll find each day and date window at 3 o’clock, like other SKX series watches.