best overnight curlers

The Best Overnight Curlers – Heatless Sleep-In Gorgeous Curls

Now that we’re all back to commuting again, overnight curlers have become increasingly popular thanks to the likes of social media.

They are the perfect option if you want to look glam without the maintenance of having to use heated curlers every day, and the curls can even last until you next have to wash your hair. 

There are plenty of options on the market depending on what style you want for your curls, whether it’s tight coils, bouncy waves, or something in between.

You can choose from different sizes and roller options to give you your desired effect. 

Best Overnight Curlers

Below we’ve put together a list of 9 of the best overnight curlers you can use for beautiful sleep-in curls.

Tifara Beauty Salon Heatless Flexible Hair Rollers 42 Pack

Tifara Beauty Salon Heatless Flexible Hair Rollers Curlers 42-pack 7" Soft Foam Flexi Twist Curling Rods for Short Long Hair

Coming as a huge 42 pack, this hair curler set is perfect if you have thicker hair, you can be sure there’ll be enough rollers to make sure every strand of hair can be curled.

There are six rod sizes to choose from, depending on whether you would prefer tight or looser curls. Each size will help you to achieve effortless curls while you sleep. 

If you would prefer to create your curls a little quicker then you can also apply heat from your blow dryer and then leave the hair to set as you continue to get ready for the day.

These hair rods have been designed to be flexible so that you can create your desired curls without too much hassle.

They are also made from soft foam, so they won’t pull at your hair or feel too heavy. 

Conair Self Fastening Foam Rollers

Conair Self-Fastening Foam Rollers in Reusable Zipper Case in Assorted Barrel Sizes and Neon Colors

These rollers have been designed to give you big, bouncy, and lasting curls without adding any heat.

Conair’s self-fastening rollers come in a pack of 48 and in a variety of different sizes. The soft foam and self-fastening style will ensure that you’ll still be able to get a comfortable night’s sleep without fretting that your curls may fall out during the night. 

To use, you will want to wrap sections of wet or dry hair around the rollers and then allow the hair to set overnight.

You can also choose whether to use any styling products along with the curlers.

Once curls have set remove and brush out your hair for that bouncy feel. 

The curlers also come in a zip-up plastic case which is perfect for easy storage. 

Hair Rollers for Long Hair Curlers Heatless Curls Flexi Rods

IVYU Hair Rollers For Long Hair Curlers Heatless Curls Flexi Rods Jumbo Large Big No Heat Hair Roller You Can Sleep In Soft Foam Curling Rods Hair Rollers...

Ivyu’s flexirod can be used without any electrical heat products, so you can be sure no damage will be caused to your hair.

A new way to curl your hair, the rod will sit on the top of your head and then you’ll wrap the hair around both sides of your head. Your hair will curl naturally to the rod after leaving curls looking smooth and flawless after use. 

To use the flexirod, you will want to start off with slightly damp hair.

Then fix the centre of the rod onto the crown of your head and hold it in place with the provided clip. Wind hair around each side of the rod and fix it in place with the scrunchies.

Make sure you do use the scrunchies, as any other hair tie may kink your hair.

Remove the curler in the morning and then brush through your hair. 

Aimin Hair Rollers Night Sleep Foam Hair Curler Rollers

Aimin Hair Rollers Night Sleep Foam Hair Curler Rollers Flexible Soft Pillow Hair Rollers DIY Sponge Hair Styling Rollers Tools

These overnight curlers are easy to use and suitable for all hair types. This set of rollers comes in a pack of 40 and is easily foldable.

These rollers are light and soft to ensure you have a comfortable sleep and can wake up in the morning with perfect hair. 

Your curls should keep their bounce for up to three days or until you wash your hair, so you’re guaranteed a low maintenance way of styling where you can just wake up and go. 

All you have to do to use the product is wrap your desired amount of hair around the rollers and then tie to make sure the hair does not come loose. Using a hair product is optional.

Conair Soft Curlers for Soft Natural Curls

Conair Soft Curlers for Soft, Natural Curls

Coming as a pack of 24 soft rollers, this set is easy to use and comfortable to sleep in.

A flexible wire is cushioned by the soft, white fabric to create naturally styled curls.

These curlers have been designed to create soft and natural looking curls that will last until your next wash. 

All you have to do is wrap each section of hair, wet or dry, around the centre of the curler and then roll it up onto your head and tie it into place with the bendable wire.

Remove curlers in the morning and admire your soft curls.  

CEKEME Hair Curlers Spiral Hair Curlers for Long Hair

CEKEME Hair Curlers Spiral Hair Curlers for Long Hair, No Heat Curlers 22inch/55cm Magic Curls with Styling Hooks Heatless Hair Curlers Styling Kit

These heatless spin curlers will give your hair healthy looking curls and waves without the damage of heat.

This kit has been designed for those with longer hair, up to 22 inches, and the soft plastic will make sure there’s no pulling at your lengths. 

These curlers are a little more complicated to use than other heatless styles, but once you’ve mastered the technique, you can be sure to have perfect curls time and time again.

To begin with, you will want to divide your hair into the desired number of sections. Then you’ll pass the styling hooks through the roller, hook them onto your hair, and then pull the hair out through the roller with the hook. 

This set of curlers comes in a plastic storage bag to keep them safe and all curlers together. 

Conair Jumbo Self Fastening Foam Rollers

Conair Jumbo Self-Fastening Foam Rollers in Reusable Zipper Case in Pink

Conair’s rollers may be jumbo, but that doesn’t make them any less comfortable to sleep in.

Coming in a glamourous pink colour, you’ll get a total of nine rollers in this pack, but don’t be fooled by the small number. As these are jumbo rollers, you can wrap larger hair sections around them.

When using this product, roll your section of hair up into the roller and towards the scalp then secure it into place.

Make sure you slowly remove them in the morning to reduce the chance of snagging any hair. 

Once removed you’ll find soft Hollywood style curls. 

2022 New Soft Heatless Curling Headband No Heat Ponytail Headband

2022 New Soft Heatless Curling Headband No Heat Ponytail Hairband Hair Curler Hairband Lazy Scrunchie

Suitable for long and medium hair, this overnight curler works by wrapping hair into a doughnut style bun around the headband.

As it is secured at the top of your head, it makes it easy to sleep in and the result in the morning will be effortless bouncy curls. 

Made with durable high-quality material, this ponytail curler will be sure to last a long time and is portable enough to take away with you, making it perfect if you have any trips or vacations coming up. 

To use, you will need to gather your hair into a ponytail, loop it around the rod and then wrap it around.

Once you have wrapped all the hair around the rod, you can secure it into place with the scrunchie provided. 

Heatless Hair Curler, Upgraded Lengthen Design, Heatless Curling Rod Headband

Heatless Hair Curler, Upgraded Lengthen Design,Heatless Curling Rod Headband

Referred to as the octopus curler due to the headband having eight rods to wrap the hair around.

You can wrap your hair around each section and leave it overnight and then awaken to beautifully curled hair, and due to the satin material, there won’t be any static or frizz. 

There are four different colours for you to choose from which are either pink, blue, black or brown.

To use the product split your hair into eight different sections and then wrap around each rod and secure with the elastic band at the end. 

If you need a low maintenance hairstyle, then heatless curlers are the easiest way to create effortlessly bouncy curls. Just wrap up your hair before bed and then remove it in the morning to be greeted by flowing curls.

Due to your curls being heatless and having a longer time to set than if you were using a curling wand, it also means they will be longer lasting, and depending on your hair type may even last until your next hair wash.

Whichever style you go for, it’s going to be hard switching back to using heated styling products.