best nail buffers

The Best Nail Buffers For Healthy, Smooth & Shiny Nails

Nail buffers are great for exfoliating the surface of your nails, smoothing them out, and for helping your nail polish go on easily and flawlessly.

Buffing your nails helps your polish to adhere more evenly for a perfect manicure.

Nail buffers also help to remove any jagged, sharp edges of your nails and can help get rid of residual staining on your nails caused by polish. 

If you don’t wear nail polish, buffing your nails can be used to boost circulation to your nails which encourages faster growth. Not only this but using a nail buffer leaves your nails looking shiny, healthy, and more attractive.

Best Nail Buffers

It’s definitely worth purchasing a nail buffer, to help you with your selection, we’ve compiled this list of the best nail buffers available on the market.

Onsen Secret Professional Nail Buffer

Onsen Secret Professional Nail Buffer, Ultimate Shine Nail Buffing Block w/ 3 Way Buffing Methods

This nail buffer by Onsen Secret is a professional-grade nail buffer that helps to strengthen and restore weak or damaged nails.

This nail buffer contains three different sides – grey to smooth any rough edges, green to encourage nail growth, and white to shine and protect. 

It has been created with carefully selected minerals from Japanese hot springs that offer healing and nourishing benefits to your nails.

This nail buffer works to improve your blood circulation to your nail bed, which results in healthy shiny nails that can last for up to 10 days.

This is a great nail buffer if you’re on a budget and is very easy to use.

It’s also made of cruelty-free ingredients.

Maryton Nail Buffer

Maryton Nail Buffer Sanding Block Polisher Buffing File 60/100 Grit for Acrylic Nail Art Kit Manicure Tools 10 PCS

This is another professional-level nail buffer that can also be used to achieve fantastic results at home. It can be used to reshape uneven or broken nails and to help with the application of UV gel or acrylic.

In addition to this, it is useful to remove old nail glue or gel from your nails easily. 

This nail buffer is very good value for money. This high-quality product is also very durable and easy to wash.

It works effectively with natural nails, acrylic nails, powder-dipped nails, and even press-on nail extensions.

Soft ’N Style 4 Step Buffing Block

Soft 'N Style 4 Way Shiny Block / 4 Step Buffing Block Shine Nail Buffer

This nail buffer by Soft ’N Style has been created with four steps in mind.

Each side of this nail buffer has a different level of abrasiveness. One step is for filing, the second step is for getting rid of any ridges on your nails, the third step is buffing, and the fourth step is to polish and shine your nails.

The great thing about this nail buffer is that you get a complete nail treatment from one tool. For this reason, this nail buffer is great value for money.

This buffer has a medium course range of sanding and works well for both natural and nail extensions.

It’s super easy to use and works to completely revitalize your nails. 

HeeYaa Nail Buffer Set

HeeYaa Nail Buffer Sanding Block Polisher Buffing File 100/180 Grit 3 Sides Nail Files Art Pedicure Manicure File

This nail buffer set comes with 10 pieces. Each nail buffer is very good quality and can even be washed to prolong the use.

They have been created to shape and trim your nails to the length you want easily. 

This nail buffer set is also great for removing stubborn stains from residual nail polish and get rid of old nail glue.

This nail buffer is very convenient to use and highly durable.

The only thing to be aware of with this set of nail buffers is that they have very coarse grains, so if your nails are very brittle or delicate, you should be gentle when using these nail buffers.

Tweezerman Neon Hot 4-in-1 File, Smooth & Shine Block

Tweezerman Neon 4-in- File, Smooth & Shine Block

Tweezerman is famous for its high-quality products, and this nail buffer block is no different.

This nail buffer features pads that can easily be removed and replaced, and the set contains four replacement pads for each side.

The pads are color-coded and labeled for ease of use. The pink side is for filing, the orange is for buffing, the green is to smooth your nails and the yellow side is to shine your nails.

This nail buffer block has been designed to be gentle on your nails whilst still effectively shaping, smoothing, and shining, for beautifully well-kept nails.

OPI Brilliance Block

OPI Nail Files and Buffers

OPI is another huge name in the world of nails.

The Brilliance Block offers an effective treatment on your nails whilst also being gentle on your nails and cuticles to avoid damage or irritation. 

It features four sides, with each side having a unique feature.

This nail buffer block works to remove any ridges or bumps in your nails, and also shines and smooths the nails.

Not only this, but this nail buffer comes with a travel case to conveniently transport your nail buffer when traveling.

Revlon Shape ’n’ Buff Nail Buffer

Nail Buffer by Revlon, Shape 'N' Buff Nail File & Buffer, Nail Care Tool, All-in-One Shaping & Buffing

This is another four-sided nail buffer, with one side to even out your nails, side two to smooth your nails, side three to buff, and side four to shine your nails to perfection.

This multipurpose nail buffer is great value for money and super easy to use.

This nail buffer is also super lightweight, making it very easy to carry around with you. It’s made of high-quality material, so it’s durable and long-lasting.

This is another nail buffer that has very coarse grains, so if you have brittle nails, beware of being too rough with this nail buffer.

Karlash Nail Mini Orange Buffer Block Set

Karlash Nail Mini Orange Buffer Block File 80/100 Grit 2 Sided

This nail buffer block set by Karlash has been designed to smooth out the surface of your nails to allow you to get the perfect base for your gel polish or nail lacquer.

It also reduces the roughness of your nails and allows you to get the longest wear from your nail polish. 

It has two abrasive sides, with 80-100 grit distribution. This nail buffer set is easy to use and hold, and really makes a difference in the application of your nail polish.

So, if you’re a frequent wearer of nail polish or lacquer, this is the nail buffer for you. 

Tropical Shine Mini-4-way Nail Buffer

Tropical Shine Mini 4-Way Nail Buffer Block

This nail buffer comes in a set of 2 that has four-sided buffers. Each side is color-coded with a different level of abrasiveness.

It features a cuticle protection edge to ensure no irritation or damage is done to your cuticles.

This nail buffer set is easily washable and can be disinfected.

It’s super easy to use and is great value for money. It’s also very compact, making it great to bring on vacation with you.

Deborah Lippmann Smooth Operator Buffer Nail File

Deborah Lippmann Smooth Operator Nail Buffer File | 4-Way High Gloss Nail Buffer

The Deborah Lippmann Smooth Operation Buffer Nail File has been designed with a unique silhouette with rounded edges.

It is made from a custom ultra-gentle buffing fabric to effectively work on your nails without doing any damage or causing any irritation.

This tool also features four numbered sides, for ease of use. You can also wash this nail buffer easily.