best heated eyelash curlers

11 Best Heated Eyelash Curlers

Heated eyelash curlers work at giving your lashes a full and long look.

They can add definition to your eyes and also with the helping hand of a layer of mascara, you’ll find your eyes opening up to give you a desirable look.

Heated curlers are much more efficient than your standard ones.

The heat means your lashes will stay curled for longer, due to your lashes curling further upwards.

Heated eyelash curlers are most certainly one of those tools that you’ll never know how you went without until you get your hands on them. 

Best Heated Eyelash Curlers

Below we’ve compiled a list of the best heated eyelash curlers for you to consider.

Panasonic Heated Curved Eyelash Curler

Panasonic Heated Curved Eyelash Curler With Double Action Non-Stick Silicone Pads - EH2331P,

Featuring silicone eyelash pads, this dual curved curler will curl lashes and lift them in a single motion. Curl them from lash to tip with this device to give you a full and long-lasting look. 

Powered by 2 x AAA batteries, this curler should last you one month if you’re curling your lashes a minute at a time. 

The curler is also sleek and easy to use, and the non-stick pads will ensure your lashes curl, while also leaving you feeling safe and in control while using the product. 

Dust2Oasis Heated Eyelash Curlers

Heated Eyelash Curlers, Dust2oasis Electric Eyelash Curler Heated with Eyelash Comb - Lash Lift Curler for Women Natural Quick Curling, Rechargeable and Travel Friendly, 3 Heat Settings-Black

Coming as part of a set, not only will you receive the heated eyelash curlers in this kit, but you will also get an eyelash comb separator, an eyelash cleaner brush, and an eyebrow brush. 

The heated curlers will warm quickly and provide a long-lasting curl in a matter of seconds. The curler is gentle and will apply heat evenly over the lashes, curling from the bottom to the tip to make sure you have a smooth and even curl. 

Being a USB rechargeable device, you won’t have to worry about batteries or your curler running out of power.

Designed to be a compact size, it can also easily fit into any size makeup bag or even the smallest clutches. 

Chella Heated Eyelash Curler

Chella Heated Eyelash Curler - Safe and Gentle Won't Damage Your Eyelashes

This heating wand has been designed to be gentle on the lashes, while still being able to give you a full look with or without mascara.

The wand makes sure that it won’t damage your lashes and unlike other traditionally designed curlers, this one won’t crimp your lashes or create any unwelcome dents. 

This curler will come with AAA batteries included so that you can use your curler as soon as you receive it. Just take off the cap, insert the batteries and you’re good to go. 

Remington Reveal Lash and Brow Kit

Remington Reveal Lash & Brow Kit, Heated Eyelash Curler and Precision Tweezers with LED light (EC300B)

With this kit, not only will you receive the heated eyelash curler, but also a pair of precision tweezers so that you can have both the best brows and lashes that will make all your friends envious. The tweezers are easy to grip and can be used to shape as well as define your brows

The heated curler comes in the shape of a wand so that there won’t be any tugging or squeezing of your lashes. It also comes with a temperature indicator that goes red when the tweezers are ready to use. 

Coming with a protective cap, it’ll stop your curler from becoming damaged in your makeup bag or even while you’re travelling. 

Acavado Heated Eyelash Curler

Acavado Heated Eyelash Curler,Acavado LED Dispaly Electric Eyelash Curlers,3 Temperature Settings Lash Curler with Folding Eyelash Comb for Women,USB Rechargeable Makeup Tools for Long-Lasting,Pink

Coming with three temperature options, you can set the temperature to suit your lashes. Use the lower temperature for softer lashes and the higher temperature if your lashes are thicker and denser. The LED screen will make sure you have the right temperature setting. 

The curler head has been perfectly designed to fit the curve of your lashes so that you can easily curl them to their very fullest. 

Being USB rechargeable there’s no need to worry about running out of batteries. You can just use the curler as and when you need it. 

Zlime Electric Heated Eyelash Curler

Zlime Electric Heated Eyelash Curler with Two Temperature Design for Makeup Natural Curly Eyelash USB Rechargeable

Settings on this curler feature two temperatures, warm or hot, depending on the density of your lashes. With a nichrome wire, the heat will also be balanced to give you a safer and more evenly spread curl. 

You can also separate the head from the curler to make it easier to clean the wand and the curved wand will fit the natural shape of your lashes to give them a smoother flick upwards. 

True Glow by Conair Mini Heated Eyelash Curler

True Glow by Conair Mini Heated Eyelash Curler

Lashes will instantly appear fuller and longer with this heated eyelash curler.

It will completely open your eyes and being of small size, it’s easily portable for touch-ups during the day. 

To use this product, you should start from the base of your lash line and work up to the tips. Hold the wand on the lashes for 8-10 seconds and then apply a coat of mascara if you need to. 

The curler is powered by AAA and will provide a long-lasting battery life. 

TouchBeauty Professional Heated Eyelash Curler

TOUCHBeauty Professional Heated Eyelash Curler with Silicone Refill Pad Curling Tool for Women Long Lasting Naturally Eyelashes

Lift your lashes with this heated eyelash curler. The product will give you a long-lasting curl that’s also pain-free thanks to the soft, heated silicone pads. 

Warming to a suitable temperature, the curler is also safe to use, and you don’t have to worry about your lashes overheating or the heat damaging them. 

The curler will fit every eye shape and you’ll find it easy to curl each and every lash. 

ViYay Heated Eyelash Curler

Heated Eyelash Curler – Rechargeable Electric Eyelash Curler – Long-Lasting Heated Lash Curler for Natural Lashes – Handheld Eyelash Heated Curler with Quick Pre-Heat

This electrically heated eyelash curler will give your lashes a desirable lift and make them appear longer and fuller

The curler will fully heat in as little as ten seconds, making it a perfect product if you don’t have much time to get ready in the mornings.

It also doesn’t burn, pinch, or cause any damage to the lashes. Instead, you’ll be sure to get plenty of compliments for them all day long. 

As a rechargeable USB product, you won’t have to worry about this curler running out of battery. It’ll be ready to use whenever you need it. 

Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler Comb with Non-Stick Silicone

Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler Comb With Non-Stick Silicone, Wand-Style

Create long-lasting curls in a matter of seconds with Panasonic’s heated curler comb.

The wand will evenly apply heat to the entire length of your lash to create a natural-looking curl. You won’t have to worry about any crimping or pinching with this product, you can just swipe and watch your lashes transform. 

The sleek design of this product means that it will naturally fit the shape of your hand, providing a good grip on the curler.

It can also easily fit into any makeup bag or handbag which is especially useful if you want to touch up during the day.

Ardell Heated Eyelash Curler

Ardell Heated Eye Lash Curler

This heated curler comes with temperature sensitive silicone pads that will create a safe place to curl your lashes without any damage, crimping, or pinching. Curl your lashes in seconds to create a full and long-lasting look. 

The curler doesn’t come with batteries, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve got 2 x AAA on hand.

Once the batteries are inserted, all you have to do is hold the green lever, wait for the green light to turn on, and then use it as soon as the silicone pads turn clear. You should keep the curler on your lashes for 10-15 seconds and repeat the process until you have your desired look. 

Heated eyelash curlers are a must have product if you like to have full and long lashes at all times. Whether you choose to buy the traditional squeeze style or the wand style, both designs will lift your lashes and create beautiful and naturally long eyelashes. 

Many designs now are also USB rechargeable, which is not only better for the environment, but also means you can charge them in your own home and not have to worry about running out of batteries, so you can use them at all times. 

All curlers have been created to be safe and their designs prove this. All curlers that come in the traditional style will feature silicone pads that evenly transport heat. The pads will be soft on your lashes and the heat will be able to dispense evenly onto your lashes.

If you opt for a wand-style, you won’t have to worry about any pinching or crimping. You can just glide the heated tip over your lashes until you’ve created your desired look.