best boot socks for women

12 Best Boot Socks for Women

With the incoming colder weather, it’s going to be time to slide out of your sandals and into your warm winter boots.

What you’re going to need with your winter boots are boot socks.

These have been specially designed to leave your feet feeling warm and toasty inside your boots. 

BenSorts Women’s Winter Boot Socks

BenSorts Women's Winter Boots Socks Thick Warm Cozy Crew Socks Solid Color Gifts

These soft and stretchy winter socks have been made from fuzzy polyester and wool to provide your feet with plenty of comfort. The socks are elasticated and will fit over all women’s feet, no matter what size you are. 

Not only are they great socks to wear in boots, but you can also wear them as house socks, office socks, and hiking socks.

Coming in a pack of three, you should always have a pair free when needed. 

Gaojie Winter Wool Socks 

Winter Wool Socks Women Athletic Socks Cozy Knit Warm Winter Socks for Women Soft Thick Thermal Wool Crew Socks

Coming in a variety of cool, winter designs, these socks feature vintage patterns and stylish colours, so you’ll want to make sure your socks are peaking out at the top of your boots.

These socks are both stretchy and comfortable and your feet are sure to stay warm all day long. 

These stylish socks come in a pack of five. You can wear them underneath your everyday boots or even for skiing or camping.

Even in the coldest weather, they’ll still make sure your feet are left feeling toasty. 

Ugg Women’s Rib Knit Slouchy Crew Sock

UGG Women's Rib Knit Slouchy Crew Sock

These slouchy knit socks are not only comfortable but also stylish.

These socks are 11 inches in height and can be pulled up to mid-calf height.

With the Ugg logo cuff on the top of the sock, they look great poking out of any ankle boots. 

Ugg’s socks come in two sizes, you can pick from sizes 5-10 or 9-11 depending on the size of your feet.

Unlike other winter socks, having sizes means the socks will fit your feet more comfortably and shouldn’t crumple up in your boots. 

Timberland Women’s 3-Pack Ribbed Marled Boots Socks

Timberland womens 3-pack Ribbed Marled Boot Socks

These grey marled boot socks come with a cushioned heel to give the most comfort while you’re walking around in your boots.

These socks will go well with any outfit and come in a versatile grey colour. 

With a ribbed cuff, they will easily stretch over your calf and won’t roll down while you’re walking.

They’ll look great paired with Timberland boots or any other walking boots that you may have. 

Weatherproof Legwear Women’s Ankle Boots Softs

Weatherproof Legwear Women's Ankle Boot Socks Soft Cotton Blend

These socks have been specially designed to be worn with ankle boots.

Made with a soft cotton blend, they’ll make your feet feel comfortable while the cotton will also allow them to breathe. 

The cuff will ensure the socks don’t fall while you’re walking or out and about.

Coming in a range of neutral and soft-toned colours, you can wear them with a wide variety of outfits. 

Wear these socks for hiking, dog walking, or running errands to keep your feet warm throughout the day. 

Time May Tell Women’s Merino Wool Socks

Time May Tell Womens Merino Wool Socks Thick Knit Warm Cushion Wool-Socks

Made from 80% merino wool, the socks will keep your feet feeling warm and cosy the entire time you wear them.

Not only do they have a strong elasticity to comfortably stretch over your feet, but they also have warmth retention and moisture absorption, so you can be sure your feet will be able to breathe without the socks causing them to overheat and sweat. 

The fully cushioned support will also reduce the chance of blisters and any painful throbbing from a long walk.  

They make a great gift for any woman those loves walking or is just in need of a pair of thick, cosy socks. 

Hunter Women’s Boot Socks

Hunter womens Boot Socks

These are a great choice to wear with wellies, whether you own hunters or not.

They’ll add a cool and stylish twist to your current wellies and will keep your feet warm in the cold, rubber boots during the colder months. 

Coming in a variety of different colours, you can pick from a bright red, a classic black, or a cool white. Being 100% polyester, they are also machine washable and easy to look after. 

Carhartt Women’s Force Extremes Over The Calf Boot Casual Socks

Carhartt womens Force Extremes Over the Calf Boot Casual Socks

Keep your feet dry with these socks. They come with a fast-dry technology that’ll take any moisture away from your feet to keep them dry and comfortable.

Also coming with arch support they’ll help to keep you stable if you go on any long walks. 

These socks have been specially designed for women that spend all day on their feet.

The reinforced toe and heel will give you that extra durability to keep you going all day.

As over-the-calf boots, you can wear them with knee highs, wellies, or even roll down if you want to wear them with your ankle boots. 

3 Pairs Wool Thermal Socks Winter Hiking Skiing Warm Merino Thick Boot Sock for Men Women

3 Pairs Wool Thermal Socks Winter Hiking Skiing Warm Merino Thick Boot Sock

These thermal socks will keep your feet continuously warm throughout the winter months.

The full cushioning in these socks also makes them a perfect choice for any hiking and the shock absorption will minimise foot soreness. 

Breathable and water-resistant, these socks will keep your feet dry even on the wettest of days, also helping to drive away any odours.  

You can wear these as boot socks, hiking socks, sports socks, and for any other outdoor activities. 

Zando Cozy Socks Warm Socks Wool Socks for Women

Zando Cozy Socks Warm Socks Wool Socks for Women Cute Socks for Women Boot Crew Socks Long Thick Socks Women's Sock

These incredibly soft socks have been created to ensure your feet can still breathe even in the tightest of boots.

Coming in a variety of different designs and colours you can pick your favourite pair, or even go for a two-pack. 

These socks have been designed to fit sizes 6-11, being a long fit the socks have been designed to fit most sizes of feet. It’s also recommended to handwash these socks as they could deform in the washer. 

Wear them for hiking or with your favourite pair of winter boots. 

Hot Feet Women’s Active Work and Outdoors Socks

HOT FEET Women's Active Work and Outdoors Socks, Fully Cushioned, Thermal Wool Blend, 4 Pack Warm Reinforced Heel and Toe

With arch support and a reinforced heel, these socks work well for any outdoor activities.

They’ve been designed for all weather and with a mesh ventilation panel, they’ll ensure your feet can breathe all through the day. 

Made from a soft wool blend, these socks will also provide comfort with their soft texture and with cuffs at the top you don’t need to worry about them falling while you’re out on your walk or running any errands. 

Columbia Women’s 2-pack Medium Weight Fleece Thermal

Columbia Women's 2-Pack Medium Weight Fleece Thermal

These socks are made from micro polyester yarn and are comfortable with an extra soft fabric that has a cosy touch.

Coming in a two-pack, these socks come in shades of red and grey. Both being dark colours they go well with jeans or leggings and as a mid-calf length, you can wear them rolled down with ankle boots or pulled up with wellies or calf boots. 

The arched foot of the socks will provide comfort to the feet and stop them from becoming tired, while the ribbed cuff will ensure that your socks won’t fall down.

Mesh zones in the socks also mean that your feet can breathe which will prevent any odours and sweaty feet. 

When looking for the perfect pair of boot socks, you’re going to want a pair that will not only keep your feet warm but also allow them to breathe.

You can look for pairs that are made with soft wool and mesh panels which is what makes the socks breathable. Another feature you can look for when searching for a pair of boot socks is whether they have arch support. This support is what’s going to stop your feet from feeling tired after a long walk or being on your feet all day.  

If you need a pair that’s going to stay up all day because you’re wearing calf boots, then you should purchase a pair with a cuffed heel. The cuffs work at keeping your socks in place all day, stopping them from falling or slipping down and making your boots feel uncomfortable.

Whether you need a pair of thick boot socks for wellies or ankle boots, for hiking or just running errands there are plenty out there with lots of different designs and features to make sure your feet stay feeling as comfortable as possible all day long. 

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